My event has been cancelled due to corona, what now?

If the event you bought tickets for on TicketSwap got canceled due to corona, there are three options:

Non-Secure Swap tickets that are refunded by the organizer

If you bought a ticket via TicketSwap that's not Secure Swap, we will send you an email through which you can get into contact with the seller of your ticket. This person, being the original purchaser of the ticket, should receive a refund from the organizer. Together you can come to a mutual agreement via a private chat on our platform. Due to the high amount of cancelations we’re not able to assist in these conversations. In case the seller is not responding, you have the possibility to send them notifications and request us to call them. If they are still not answering, you have the option to report them. This results in a ban from our platform, until they’ve paid back the money they owe you.

Non-Secure Swap tickets that are not refunded by the organizer

If the ticketing company is not offering any refund, there’s unfortunately also no possibility to request a refund from your seller on TicketSwap. With the sale you became the new rightful owner of the ticket, so if there’s no refund provided by the organizer of the event this sadly means you’re out of pocket. We will send you an email with the information, but there won’t be the possibility to start a conversation with your seller.

Secure Swap tickets

In case you bought a Secure Swap ticket (recognizable by your own name on the ticket), we will send you a detailed email with the correct information for your event. This is because the refund policy may differ between partners. If you receive a refund this will always be on the bank account you used to make the initial purchase.

In all three scenarios, you will receive an email from us. Please make sure to check your SPAM folder in case you didn’t receive one yet.

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