At TicketSwap, it is required to upload a full and valid pdf or pkpass e-ticket. More and more ticket providers prefer to keep their tickets inside their own app. In order to be able to sell them on our platform, you might need to perform some additional actions.

If you have a ticket that's only available in your Ticketmaster profile, it is important that you add the ticket to your Apple Wallet. Here's how you do that 😄

  1. Go to or the Ticketmaster app and log in to your account

  2. Go to 'my events' and select the ticket you want to sell on TicketSwap

  3. Press 'add to Apple Wallet' and select the ticket in your Apple Wallet.

After this, you can list the ticket on TicketSwap from your Apple Wallet! In this article we explain how you can do this.

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