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How do I upload tickets?
How to add Ticketmaster tickets to Apple Wallet
How to add Ticketmaster tickets to Apple Wallet
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Struggling to sell tickets that are only available in your Ticketmaster profile?

Wondering how to move them to your Apple Wallet?

We've got you covered.

TicketSwap requires a full and valid PDF or pkpass e-ticket for a secure and easy selling experience.

As more and more ticket providers are keeping their tickets inside their own apps, we'll guide you through the steps to sell them on our platform.

The step-by-step guide to adding a Ticketmaster mobile ticket to your Apple Wallet

  1. Logging into your Ticketmaster Account
    Start by visiting or opening the Ticketmaster app on your mobile device.
    Log in to your account with your credentials.

  2. Selecting the Ticket to Sell
    Navigate to 'my events'.
    Here, you'll find all the tickets you've purchased. Select the ticket you wish to sell on TicketSwap.

  3. Adding the ticket to Your Apple Wallet

    Once you've selected your ticket, press 'add to Apple Wallet'.

    You'll now find your ticket inside your Apple Wallet.

After following these steps, your ticket will be nestled snugly in your Apple Wallet, ready to be listed on TicketSwap!

Moving your Ticketmaster ticket to your Apple Wallet simplifies selling on TicketSwap.

It's a few extra steps, but trust us, it's worth the effort for the peace of mind it brings.

Ready to list your ticket on TicketSwap?

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