How do I upload TicketMaster Go tickets on TicketSwap (Android)?

We have noticed that there is no longer an easy way to upload your Ticketmaster Mobile Go tickets to our platform. Therefore we documented the necessary steps in the following print screens on how to upload these type of tickets for Android users. If you are an iPhone user please click here for the iOS instructions.

Step 1:

Go to your Ticketmaster account via your mobile browser (don't use the app) and continue to your profile.

Step 2:

Select 'view upcoming events' and select the event you want to sell your ticket for.

Step 3:

Open the ticket and click on the ‘options’ button on the right of your screen. Then click on ‘share’ and then select ‘print’.

Step 4:

Go for the option ‘Select a printer’ and then select ‘Print as PDF’.

Step 5:

Please make sure to select the orientation 'Landscape' in order for the barcode to be fully captured.

Step 6:

Before saving the file as PDF, make sure to double-check that the QR-code is fully visible and intact on one page.

Step 7:

Open the TicketSwap app or website and click on 'Sell ticket'. You can then select the file that you just created. Finish your listing in order to sell your ticket!

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