On November 12th, the Dutch government will most likely announce new corona measures. This means there will be new restrictions for large scale events, with a long-term ban on large events not out of the realm of possibility. Of course, this is a massive disappointment for all organisations and fans.

We understand that, if you bought tickets for an event that might not go ahead, you have questions. We would like to ask you to hold off with asking these. We are awaiting confirmation from the government as well as from all affected organisations. Only when we have all the info we need, can we decide on which actions to take for our buyers. If this is the case, we will always proactively reach out to you. If you haven't received news from us, this, unfortunately means that we don't have the information necessary to inform you.

We again would like to ask to wait for this mail from us. Do know we are working very hard to organise this accurately. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated, hopefully, this is only a temporary setback and we can party together again soon.

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