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How can I validate my Primavera Sound 2023 ticket through AccessTicket?
How can I validate my Primavera Sound 2023 ticket through AccessTicket?
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TicketSwap is a fair and secure second-hand resale platform to buy and sell tickets for various events (concerts, festivals, clubs, sporting events, theatres, etc.). We focus on events all over the world, and work hard to optimize our platform for each country.

We decided to allow the sale/purchase for Primavera Sound 2023. We only accept tickets from Festickets (vouchers) and buyers can validate the ticket through the AccessTicket app two months before the event. Once this period starts, it is not possible to sell or buy tickets on our platform.

If you have purchased a ticket from Festicket, you can follow the following steps to validate it on the AccessTicket App:

  1. Install AccessTicket on your mobile phone

  2. Scan the QR code you received in the Festicket voucher. If you cannot do this process automatically, you can also provide us with the code manually.

  3. Fill in the appropriate fields so that you can create an account. If you already have an account, you can log in using your email address.

  4. Once you have registered AccessTicket, your tickets will appear with a red validation warning: "validation missing > verify your identity to access the event" you will have to verify your identity before the ticket is valid.

  5. Attach your documentation: you will be asked for a photo of your document. Screenshots are not allowed and the verification process can take approximately 2 minutes.

  6. Once your ID is verified, the status of your ticket will change to "ticket validated", and you can enter the festival!

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