I want to delete or edit my listing

Read up here how you can remove your tickets for sale, or make adjustments to the listing

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Can I delete or edit my listing?


In the upper right corner of your listing you can click on edit. At the my listings page of your TicketSwap account, you can always see and delete your active listings. It is also possible to delete individual tickets from a listing. It is not possible to delete a sold ticket and a ticket that has been reserved.


Firstly, login to TicketSwap. In the upper right hand corner of your screen, you can click on your profile picture. Here, you can choose My listings. This takes you to an overview of all your listings. By clicking on the ad, you can edit the price, description and your bank account number. It's also possible to select certain tickets from a listing as "not for sale", or remove the entire listing.

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