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How do shared tickets work?
How do shared tickets work?
Everything you need to know about sharing tickets or receiving them from friends.
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Sharing tickets with friends

You can share tickets with friends that you’ve imported yourself, or bought on TicketSwap. Let’s break down how it works if you want to share a ticket:

  1. Go to your Tickets

  2. Tap the Share button

  3. Confirm you’d like to share the ticket

  4. Share the ticket link via a messaging platform

  5. Your friend accepts the ticket and it’s theirs! We’ll show you a confirmation with their pic so you know they’ve got it

  6. If they still haven’t accepted the ticket, we’ll let you know that it’s waiting to be accepted

Receiving a shared ticket: original ticket owners

If someone shares a ticket with you, they’ll always be the original ticket owners. You’ll have access to the ticket but you won’t be able to share or sell it unless they stop sharing it with you or remove it from their account.

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