How do I resell a ticket shared with me?

Understand original ticket owners and how you can handle reselling shared tickets.

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Reach out to the original ticket owner

Did someone share a ticket with you and now you want to sell it? The person who shared the ticket is the original owner, which means they also manage the tickets. If you’d like to resell the ticket, check with the owner:

If they imported tickets themselves

  1. Ask the original owner to delete the ticket from their account

  2. Once they’ve deleted the ticket from their account, they can send the ticket directly to you

  3. Now you can import the ticket to your account, categorise it and share or list it for sale!

If they purchased tickets on TicketSwap

  1. Ask the original owner to stop sharing the ticket

  2. Once they’ve stopped sharing the ticket, the original owner can list the ticket for sale

All shared tickets belong to the original owner

If the original ticket owner doesn’t agree to stop sharing or remove the ticket from their account, then unfortunately you won’t be able to resell the ticket. We do this to prevent fraud and ensure safe access to tickets. You can always ask the original owner to resell the ticket for you, even with a private listing if it’s for one specific person.

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