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How we keep TicketSwap safe
Is there a maximum price used on TicketSwap?
Is there a maximum price used on TicketSwap?

What TicketSwap does to keep extremely high prices out of second hand ticketing

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Is there a maximum price used on TicketSwap?

Our mission is to make the purchase and sale of second hand tickets as safe and fair as possible. For this reason we have established a rule that you can sell/buy your ticket for only the maximum of 20% above the original price. For some events there are several tiers of tickets. Every release retails at a different price. A release is a round of tickets being offered at a specific date. Every new release is usually a bit more expensive than the release before. These releases are often called for example: ‘early birds’ and ‘late birds’. In this case the maximum price is always based on the highest selling price (the latest ticket release). By doing so we hope everyone can enjoy their event, for a fair price! .

Exceptions to the rule

Note that this does not mean that we tolerate abuse. When we notice that there are large scale early birds that are offered for higher prices, sellers will be blocked from our website and we shall delete their account.🕵️

However, these rules don’t apply for tickets with different kinds of access like seated- versus standing places or day- versus weekend tickets. We also consider the fees that are charged for a ticket, these are different for each event and may be added to the original price.

But why does the maximum price differ from country to country?

Laws and regulations vary from one country to another and determine these price caps. For instance, selling a ticket for more than its face value in France is not allowed. TicketSwap, now being active in several markets, adjusts its price caps to align with these country specific regulations. Please note that the price cap that TicketSwap will implement is determined by the location of the event.

Here’s an overview of the price caps per country:

  • Denmark: maximum of 100%

  • France: maximum of 100%

  • Portugal: maximum of 100%

  • Norway: maximum of 100%

  • Belgium: maximum of 100%

  • Italy: maximum of 100%

  • Poland: maximum of 100%

  • Australia: maximum of 110%

For all other countries there’s a price cap of 120% on TicketSwap.

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