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How much does using TicketSwap cost?

Find all info here about our service and transaction fees for buying and selling tickets.

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TicketSwap is a secure platform for buying and selling tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theatre shows, and other types of live entertainment.

With our platform, you can easily and safely buy and sell your spare tickets.

Here are the fees associated with using TicketSwap:

Selling tickets

Creating a listing on TicketSwap is free.

If you successfully sell a ticket, a service fee of 5% of the selling price is charged.

So, for a €20 ticket, you would receive €19.

Buying tickets

When purchasing a ticket, you pay the price set by the seller (never more than 20% above face value), plus a service fee of 6% and a transaction fee of 3%.

In Belgium, France, Italy, Poland and Denmark, the way fees work is slightly different. Read here to understand how it works.


When sellers offer a ticket that has FairShare activated, the profit sellers make over the ticket will be shared between the seller and the organisation. This way, sellers get compensated for their troubles, and the organisation can make every effort to make your favourite events even better. Learn more about FairShare.

Ticket alerts

TicketSwap provides ticket alerts as a free feature, which can notify you when tickets become available for your favorite events.

You can receive these alerts via email or push notification, and there is no charge for this service.

The service and transaction fees only apply when you're actually buying a ticket.

What are the supported currencies of the platform?

TicketSwap supports several currencies and each has its own payment methods.

Remember, safety and reliability are our key priorities here at TicketSwap.

The platform takes numerous measures to ensure all tickets sold are valid and the transactions are secure. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind when you buy and sell tickets.

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