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Pricing rules: a quick overview
Pricing rules: a quick overview

What TicketSwap does to keep extremely high prices out of second hand ticketing

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Wondering about the maximum price you can sell or buy tickets for on TicketSwap?

We believe in fair pricing and here's how we ensure it.

TicketSwap's pricing policy

On TicketSwap, you can sell or buy tickets for a maximum of 20% above the original price.

For events with multiple ticket releases like 'early birds' and 'late birds', the maximum price is relative to each specific release.

This way, we keep the prices fair for everyone.

Exceptions to the pricing rule

But remember, fairness is key.

If we spot abuse with large-scale early bird tickets, we'll take action, including blocking sellers from our site.

Plus, we consider additional fees that may be added to the original price, such as original service fee.

Country-specific pricing regulations

Why do price caps vary across countries?

It's all about local laws and regulations.

For instance, in France, selling a ticket for more than its face value is illegal.

Here's a quick rundown of price caps in different countries:

  • Denmark, France, Portugal, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Poland: Maximum of 100%

  • Australia: Maximum of 110%

  • Other countries: A price cap of 120% on TicketSwap.

At TicketSwap, our goal is to make ticket reselling safe, fair, and accessible for everyone. Trust us for your ticketing needs, whether buying or selling.

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