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I’ve got a screenshot, email, hard copy or I haven’t received my ticket yet – how do I sell?
I’ve got a screenshot, email, hard copy or I haven’t received my ticket yet – how do I sell?

Find all info about what ticket formats you can sell, or what to do if tickets aren’t available yet.

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Here you can learn what to do if you don't have a digital copy of your ticket, or if the organiser hasn’t released it yet.

Selling a screenshot of your ticket

Right now we only accept screenshots for a few specific events but we’re working to make them more available for fans across all events and countries.

If your event doesn’t accept screenshots here’s what you can do to sell you ticket:

  • Search through your email inbox to see if the event organiser sent you a PDF copy of the ticket.

  • If you find the PDF, download it to your device. Then to create a listing, you can upload the file and you’ll be on your way to selling your tickets.

  • If you got the screenshot from someone else, reach out to them and ask if they can share the original PDF or Apple Wallet file with you.

Tickets you haven’t received yet

Some event organisers choose to release tickets closer to the date of the event. This makes it harder for fans to list their tickets with us. But you can read more here about selling a ticket you haven’t received yet.

Selling Ticketmaster transfer tickets

If you have a Ticketmaster transfer ticket, check out our How ticket transfer works article and sell your tickets in no time. We’ve made a system that lets you import the ticket to your TicketSwap account, then you can easily transfer it to us from Ticketmaster and list it on our platform.

Forwarding an email ticket

For some events, you can now list your tickets for sale directly from your confirmation email. Just follow the steps in the app or website. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select ‘Forward ticket email’ when you’re uploading tickets in the app

  2. Copy our email address

  3. Go to your order confirmation email which has the tickets in it

  4. Select ‘Forward’, paste our email address and send

  5. Go back to the app and wait while our system verifies your ticket

  6. Once verified you can choose which ticket you’d like to sell, and list it!

Remember you can always choose which tickets you’d like to sell from a bundle or restart the process if something didn’t work.

What to do if you’ve only got a hard copy of your ticket

Right now, we can’t accept scans or physical tickets. We always want to verify that every ticket on our platform is safe and physical copies make it more difficult to make sure your ticket is secure and works smoothly (think paper copies and things like festival wristbands).

If you only have a physical copy of your ticket, you can email the event organiser and ask them to send you a PDF version of the ticket. You can then easily make a listing by uploading the PDF or email to our platform – just make sure you click on the right ticket type ticket when you’re making a listing.

If you’re still having trouble, take a look at our Help Centre, or contact our Support team. They’ll be happy to help you out with any questions you might have so you can sell your tickets and make another fan’s day!

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