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My ticket isn’t a PDF – how can I sell it?
My ticket isn’t a PDF – how can I sell it?

Find out more here about selling when your ticket isn’t a PDF file.

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Accepted ticket formats

  • Apple Wallet (.pkpass in your Apple phone)

  • Mobile app or e-ticket

  • PDF file

  • Ticketmaster transfer tickets

  • Screenshots (always specified and limited events)

  • Email forwarding (not available for all events)

Formats we don’t accept

  • Physical tickets (contact the organiser for a digital version or check your email)

  • Scans of tickets

  • Wristbands

  • Flight tickets

  • Guest list tickets

  • Free/gifted/won tickets

Why aren’t all ticket types supported?

Safety and security when buying and selling are our main goals. If a ticket type isn’t allowed to be sold, it’s either because there’s technical limitations for its listing, or because we can’t guarantee complete safety for the buyer.

We can’t sell flight tickets, tickets you won in a contest or guest list VIP tickets because they’re often heavily personalised and can lead to unwanted situations for the buyer at the door.

Other ticket formats are harder to verify by our systems, but we’re always working on new features that let fans list more types of tickets.

Have more questions or need more support? Find what you need in our Help Centre.

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