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I want to sell a ticket I haven't received yet
I want to sell a ticket I haven't received yet
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Got an event ticket on the way but already thinking of selling it? We've got specific rules for situations like this. Let’s dive in.

Selling tickets not yet available

Remember, on TicketSwap, you can only list full and valid PDF or PKPass e-tickets.

If you haven’t received these yet, hold tight! You'll need the complete ticket file to make your listing.

Tickets available just before the event

Is your ticket set to arrive just before the event? In that case, you'll have to wait until the actual ticket lands in your inbox. Just a heads up: order confirmations or emails from the organisation won't cut it as valid listings.

Personalising your ticket

Need to personalise your ticket first? Go for it! Once personalised, the organisation will send you the full PDF version, making it ready for TicketSwap listing.

Patience is key in these scenarios. Once you've got the right format, listing your ticket is a breeze. Need more help?

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