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Is it safe to buy tickets on TicketSwap?
Is it safe to buy tickets on TicketSwap?

Read here why TicketSwap is the safest, most secure way to buy and sell tickets online.

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Buying tickets online can sometimes be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be! Our safety measures and verification systems make sure fans can buy tickets to their favourite events quickly, fairly and safely.

How do you know tickets are safe to buy?

Buyers and sellers are verified, always

Sellers need to give a valid phone number and email address to sell on the platform, which we verify. They can also link their social media and we show how many tickets they’ve sold in the past, which get verified by the buyer after the show.

Our systems check each ticket

Our specialised system checks tickets before they can even be put up for sale. Everything is thoroughly checked so there are no doubles and no fraudulent tickets. Even if an invalid ticket has been listed for sale, our team will most likely find it.

Super Support team

Even though we’ve got thorough checks and we're always updating our systems – sometimes it might happen that we don’t catch a bad ticket. If this happens our Live Support team is on hand to help during the event.

After the event, we help you in a moderated conversation with the seller to figure out what happened. Our After sales team will get to the bottom of the issue, which is usually due to human error. If it’s the seller's fault we can even facilitate a refund from their account.

In the rare cases of fraud, we have measures in place to handle it. We can order a refund, or even turn to the authorities in extreme cases.

SecureSwap tickets

SecureSwap is turned on for partnered events, venues or ticket providers. It’s a feature we created to add another layer of safety on our platform. It invalidates the seller's ticket and creates a brand-new unique barcode ticket for the buyer. SecureSwap makes sure tickets are totally safe – and we’re adding new partners every day!

Are people allowed to use bots on TicketSwap?

No. Sometimes thousands of people want the same ticket and it might seem like people are using bots. This is strictly against our T&Cs. Our systems have ways to check for and block people who try to use them. You can read more here about our battle against bots.

If you’re having trouble with ticket alerts and notifications, read our handy FAQ on how ticket alerts work and increase your chance of getting a ticket.

Are there duplicate tickets on TicketSwap?

No. Our system makes double selling impossible and keeps our platform safe so you can focus on what's important! 💃

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