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My ticket didn’t work and the event has ended
My ticket didn’t work and the event has ended

It’s rare, but it can happen. Here you can find out what to do if your ticket didn’t work at the event.

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After the event – what to do now?

We’re really sorry for the hiccup. First, you’ll need to let the seller know that the ticket you bought from them didn’t work. In your inbox, you’ll find an email from us with a form asking you for feedback. The ‘No, my ticket didn’t work’ button will let you open a case with the seller so you can have a conversation about what happened.

What happens when you open a case?

Here are some common ways fans solve things:

1. The seller agrees to a refund

If there was a problem with the ticket or the listing, the seller often realises it was an honest mistake and agrees to refund the costs. If this is the case, the buyer hits the ‘Mark as resolved’ button and our After-sales team will refund the money from the seller's account, with the seller's permission.

2. More help is needed, Support team steps in

If the buyer and seller can't agree on a solution, they can ask the Support team for help. Sometimes what went wrong might not be so straightforward. An Aftersales agent will join the conversation as soon as they can to help. The key is to stay polite and keep things clear and simple so the issue can be dealt with as quickly and fairly as possible.

3. The seller doesn’t respond

If this is the case, we’ll step in to encourage the seller’s participation and our team will continue to help the buyer out by sending reminders to the seller. We won’t give up until a resolution is found!

4. Buyer and seller agree outside of TicketSwap

In this case, you can close the conversation to let us know that you’ve decided to amicably fix the issue outside of TicketSwap.

These are just some of the ways that we help fans solve the issue if a ticket doesn't work. We know this is an uncomfortable situation, but we’ll always try to work with both parties to find a fair solution.

We’ll try our best to respond quickly, but sometimes waiting times can be longer than usual – hang tight! We haven’t forgotten you and we’ll update you as soon as we can.

Still at the event?

If you’re still at the event, sometimes our Support team can help. This article tells you more about what to do if you’re still at the door.

You can also go to our Help Centre to find more info, or if you need to contact our Support team.

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