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What can I do if my ticket isn’t working?
What can I do if my ticket isn’t working?

Get quick tips to figure out how to solve things right away if your ticket didn’t work.

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Arrived at your event and the ticket doesn’t work? It’s rare, but it can happen. Find out what to do during and after the event.

Ticket didn’t work – still at the event

First things first, keep calm. If your ticket didn’t let you access the event, you can:

  1. Call our Support team from the app and we’ll contact the seller for you to try to fix the problem.

  2. You can also contact us through the Help Centre. Many times it’s an honest mistake and we might still be able to help.

  3. While you're still at the event, gather evidence that will be helpful to our Support Team later on.

Some examples of evidence:

  • A photo from the scanner showing that the ticket was invalid (with a visible barcode)

  • A form given by the organisation (often called a ‘proof of confiscation’ or ‘fraud form’) – you should be able to get these at the service desk

  • Proof of the additional ticket you had to buy (photo of ticket or bank record)

  • A screenshot of your travel history to and from the event

A ticket didn’t work – it’s after the event

This is really a bummer and we’ll do everything we can to try to find a fair solution. Now, you’ll need to contact the seller to open a case. Here’s how:

How to start a case with a seller when a ticket doesn’t work:

  1. Check your email after the event has passed. We sent you a form to ask if everything was okay with your ticket.

  2. Indicate that there was a problem and start a case with the seller.

  3. Write what happened as detailed as possible and include all your evidence – the more, the better.

Our Aftersales team is specially trained to investigate cases like this. The key is to be patient and explain as well as possible what happened. We know it’s really disappointing to be in a situation like this, so we’ll do everything we can to help.

Have more questions or concerns? We’re happy to answer them.

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