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My ticket did not work at the event
My ticket did not work at the event
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Even though it very rarely happens, sometimes a ticket sold on our platform does not work at the entrance. Obviously, when this happens to you, that’s a really unfortunate event, and above all a bad experience. Therefore, it is our highest priority to help those who need it find a quick and satisfying solution.

In order to find a fitting solution, your seller needs to be informed that their ticket did not work. This is why we would like to ask you to follow one of the following methods, rather than contacting us through our standard support channels.

After the event has taken place, you will receive an email from us (see below), prompting you to report whether the ticket worked or not. If your ticket does appear to be invalid, TicketSwap will put you and the seller in touch through a moderated chat with one of our support agents, in order to find an amicable solution.

In these conversations, our specialized After Sales department will help you get a solution as quickly as possible. You can only request their assistance in the conversation in your account. However, due to current incoming volumes, this may be a bit longer than we are hoping for. Please remain patient, and know we will assist you in the conversation as soon as we can.

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