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My sold ticket did not work according to the buyer
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I received negative feedback for a ticket I sold, what now?

Whenever the buyer of your ticket indicates that the ticket didn't work, we will always start a "case" between you and the buyer of the ticket. A case is a chat conversation between you and the buyer, which is monitored by TicketSwap.

The idea behind this is that, based on the information shared within the chat, the buyer and seller will find out together what happened and went wrong, without needing the help of TicketSwap.

Whenever both parties do not come to an agreement, you are able to call for TicketSwap's assistance within the case by pressing the button "Get help".

Whenever a ticket is marked as "did not work" by the buyer, we will lock the transaction in case the money is still with us, until a solution has been found.

In case you find a solution together with the other party, and decide to issue a refund, please never do that outside of TicketSwap. TicketSwap will compensate the buyer for the service fee as well, so therefore we always issue the refund ourselves.

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