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My seller is not responding in our conversation
My seller is not responding in our conversation
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If an event gets canceled, and we are not partnered with the organization or the ticket provider, we provide a conversation system on our platform that connects the buyer and original seller of a ticket. In this conversation, we expect both parties to come to a fair agreement on compensation for the sold ticket. We understand that this might raise some concerns, but we are here to help if the situation demands it.

In most events, this goes smoothly and interference from TicketSwap is not necessary. However, in some cases, it happens that a seller doesn’t respond quickly. This could be for multiple reasons, but we understand that you want to reach a satisfactory solution as soon as possible. That’s why we do offer some extra options to call upon if the process doesn’t go as planned.

After five days without a response, you will receive the possibility to send multiple notifications to the seller. If they have the app on their phone, this will happen through a push notification, and otherwise, we will send emails to remind the user of their responsibilities. If this does not work, the buyer can request TicketSwap to call the seller. We will then try to reach out to them by phone twice. If this does not work, you are given the option to block the seller from our platform until they respond.

Even after this, additional options are available, such as hiring a debt collection agency and filing a police report. However, we find that far and away most cases are resolved before this is necessary, or even before we are asked to intervene.

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