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How long does a TicketSwap reservation last?
How long does a TicketSwap reservation last?
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Curious about how long a ticket can stay reserved in someone's cart on TicketSwap? Understanding this can help you plan your purchase or sale better.

Understanding ticket reservation timeframes

When somebody adds a ticket to their shopping cart, it's reserved for them for 10 minutes.

Once they start the payment process, this reservation extends to 30 minutes.

This gives buyers enough time to complete their purchase without rushing.

What happens if the time expires?

What if the clock runs out?

If the transaction isn't completed within 30 minutes, the ticket is back on the market!

It becomes available again for anyone interested.

Editing reserved tickets

👉 As a seller, remember this: Reserved tickets can't be edited or deleted by you during this time.

Once your listing is live, it's accessible 24/7 until someone successfully completes the purchase.

You can adjust or delete your listings in the "Your listings" section in your account.

At TicketSwap, we ensure both buyers and sellers have a fair chance in the reservation process.

Stay informed and ready for swift transactions.

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