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How TicketSwap complies with EU consumer protection law
How TicketSwap complies with EU consumer protection law
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In compliance with European Union consumer protection laws, we as TicketSwap are required to inform our fans about some of the procedures on our website. You can find the answers to some questions you may have about the ticket purchasing process down below 👇

How does TicketSwap determine the order in which available tickets are listed?

The ranking in which listings on the event page are ordered is generally determined by the price. Cheapest tickets are listed at the top of the page, and the order then goes from cheapest to most expensive.

The only possible exception to this is when we have a partnership with the organizer, and we link the primary ticketing shop on the event page. In this case, regardless of price, the primary shop takes the top spot.

How do EU consumer protection laws apply to purchases on TicketSwap?

EU consumer protection laws provide consumers with the option to reflect on their purchase and change their mind within a given amount of time. These laws specifically apply to transactions between businesses and their customers. Since TicketSwap is a platform that facilitates purchases between individuals, these laws do not apply to tickets bought on our platform.

This also applies to tickets bought with the primary organizer. EU consumer protection laws do not cover purchases for events with a predetermined time and place. This means the right to reflection does not apply to any tickets bought with the original ticket shop.

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