Buying & selling tickets in France

Some things have changed, but we’re not going anywhere!

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I’m new to TicketSwap

TicketSwap is a fair and safe second-hand reselling platform to buy and sell tickets for various events (concerts, festivals, nightclubs, sports events, theatres, etc.). We focus on events around the world, and we work hard to optimize our platform for every country. As of 2023, some things have changed for fans using TicketSwap in France.

The safest way to buy & sell tickets in France

TicketSwap only allows the buying and selling of tickets for partnered events. This refers to events where organizers have chosen TicketSwap and given the authorisation for resale to take place on our platform. This also means that we work together with various event organizers and have their data at hand in order to conduct extensive security checks on the tickets sold. We do this in order to remain the most secure reselling platform and to provide fans with the safest resale experience.

Sometimes, we are not partnered with your event of interest. You can still search for it and access the primary ticketing shop via TicketSwap. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to buy or resell tickets for said event on TicketSwap. This is done as to ensure that TicketSwap remains the n*1 safe resale platform for events in France.

SecureSwap partnerships

Some of our partnerships also come with additional integration, meaning we SecureSwap the purchased ticket. The old ticket uploaded by the seller is invalidated, and the buyer receives a completely personalized and unique ticket. The swapped ticket is 100% valid as it contains a new barcode and the name of the buyer. Click here to learn more about SecureSwap.

I can’t find the event I am looking for

If you’re not able to find the event you’re looking for, it most likely isn’t a partnered event yet. However, we are eager to provide a safe resale. Our Partnerships team works hard to arrange new partnerships, so we can add new events! Non-partnered events can still be consulted on TicketSwap as we operate as a discovery platform for fans.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our support team will be more than happy to answer any questions!

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