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TicketSwap's battle against bots: security measures explained
TicketSwap's battle against bots: security measures explained
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Have you ever worried about bots snatching up tickets before you can click 'buy'?

At TicketSwap, we understand this concern and have taken robust steps to ensure our platform remains bot-free. 🚫🤖

The challenge of bots in ticket sales

Bots, automated software designed to purchase tickets faster than humanly possible, disrupt the fair buying process.

They hoard tickets only to resell them at inflated prices, sidelining genuine fans.

TicketSwap’s multi-layered anti-bot strategy

We tackle this issue head-on with multiple strategies:

  • Captchas verify that our users are real people, not automated bots.

  • Purchase Limits: To prevent bulk buying, we limit purchases to a maximum of 8 tickets per event.

  • KYC Regulations: We verify user identities to ensure a trustworthy community, making it difficult for bots to operate on our platform.

    This layered approach effectively maintains fairness in ticket sales.

The role of SecureSwap in combating bots

Our SecureSwap technology plays a crucial role in this battle.

Every time a ticket is sold, SecureSwap generates a new ticket with a unique barcode.

This process ensures ticket authenticity and prevents bots from duplicating or hijacking tickets.

Sealed ticketing system for enhanced security

Our Sealed Ticketing system takes security a step further.

It allows for the sale of tickets even before they're officially issued, making it impossible for bots to access them beforehand.

Ensuring ticket authenticity and verification

To guarantee authenticity, every ticket goes thorough verification.

Our system checks barcodes against original sources, ensuring no counterfeit tickets make it onto our platform.

Empowering buyers in the fight against bots

You can also play a part:

TicketSwap is committed to creating a secure, bot-free marketplace for ticket sales.

Confidently buy and sell tickets with us, knowing we've got your back every step of the way.

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