What is SecureSwap?

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We've all been there: you secure a ticket for a much-anticipated event, but something comes up and you can't attend.

Your next thought is to sell your ticket, but how can you ensure it's done safely?

Enter SecureSwap, a feature from TicketSwap designed to give you a worry-free ticketing experience.

Let's dive deeper into what SecureSwap is and how it benefits you.

What exactly is SecureSwap?

In simplest terms, SecureSwap is our ticket safety assurance for both sellers and buyers.

When a seller lists their ticket on TicketSwap, the original ticket is invalidated.

What the buyer receives is a completely new and unique ticket.

This magic is made possible through our special partnerships with various ticketing companies and event organisers.

With these integrations, we can create a new barcode for your ticket, guaranteeing that your resold ticket is 100% safe.

If you're an event organiser or ticketing provider curious about the benefits of SecureSwap, we've got a dedicated page for you.

Unveiling the SecureSwap benefits

SecureSwap comes packed with advantages for all parties involved.

As a buyer, you can rest easy knowing your ticket is valid, guaranteeing a smooth entry into the event.

Sellers, on the other hand, enjoy a hassle-free selling experience while maintaining a trustworthy reputation.

For us at TicketSwap, SecureSwap is a critical step towards our mission: making the ticket resale process safer and more transparent for everyone.

Wondering about the costs?

Great news!

SecureSwap doesn't come with any additional costs.

Our goal is to continually improve our platform's safety, and each SecureSwap ticket brings us closer to that goal.

Why is SecureSwap special?

We're proud to say that SecureSwap is the result of many fruitful discussions with ticketing companies and event organisers.

Our priority is always the safety and experience of fans.

Together with our partners, we're improving secondary ticketing, one SecureSwap ticket at a time.

My event is not a SecureSwap event

We're continually striving to make SecureSwap available for all events, but we can't do it alone.

If you believe your next event should benefit from SecureSwap, let the promoter or venue know about TicketSwap.

TicketSwap's SecureSwap is revolutionising the ticket resale market, providing unparalleled safety and peace of mind for both sellers and buyers.

With no additional costs and a seamless process, it's designed to make your ticket buying or selling experience worry-free.

Help us spread the word about SecureSwap and elevate everyone's ticketing experience.

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