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My event is blocked for selling – what can I do?
My event is blocked for selling – what can I do?

Find some of the reasons here why your event might be blocked for sale, and what you can do.

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Why are some events blocked?

  • Personalisation, or having dedicated names on a ticket – some venues are known to be very strict when checking names on the ticket. When we think this is the case, we block the event and start working on a solution.

  • Event organiser request – sometimes we have to block events because the organiser has temporarily asked us to.

  • Event uses physical tickets or wristbands – only electronic tickets can be sold on our platform. It’s to make sure our safety measures find fake tickets or fraudulent users to keep fans safe.

  • Country-specific rules – sometimes it happens that we can only sell tickets in another country if the event or venue is our partner.

We have these checks in place to keep buying and selling tickets on our platform safe, secure and fair for all fans.

What to do if your ticket is blocked

First, always check that the info in your account is correct and that you’ve verified your identity by adding your details. An overlooked phone number or invalid email address could be causing the hiccup.

Check out this article if your ticket is being blocked by us, or if you get an error when trying to upload it.

If you’re still having issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team. We’ll be happy to help!

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