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Why is there a different name on my ticket?
Why is there a different name on my ticket?

Read here why your ticket is safe, even if it’s got someone else’s name.

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TicketSwap makes buying and selling second-hand tickets safe and easy. Learn here why tickets sometimes have different names, and how that works.

Why does my ticket have a different name on it?

Sometimes the original buyer's name is still on the ticket and we can’t change it. This is usually the case for events that we’re not partnered with. The good news is that most events don’t check the name on your ticket – they just want to sell out and have a full venue, so you’ll still be able to get in.

Our partnerships make it possible for us to update the name on some tickets. Even if we’re not partnered with an event, venue or ticket provider – a ticket on our platform is safe to buy and use. This is because we have diligent checks and a dedicated Support team that keeps an eye out. If we think an event will check for your name, we simply don’t let fans sell those tickets.

Why does my SecureSwap ticket have a different name on it?

SecureSwap is activated when we have a partnership with the ticket provider. Normally, we personalise them and ask you to provide the details you need on their email. If the ticket has another name, and you have checked that we haven’t told you to personalise, don't worry our partners have probably let us know that it’s not necessary.

If you’re interested, read more about SecureSwap here.

There’s another mistake with my ticket – what should I do?

If there’s something else wrong other than the name in the listing or on the ticket, you should contact our Support Team. Something like wrong seating details or mismatched dates or times can happen due to human error, but most of the time we can help fix it. Let us know!

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