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What does it mean if SecureSwap isn’t on?
What does it mean if SecureSwap isn’t on?

Learn about the difference between a SecureSwap ticket and a standard protection ticket.

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My ticket is a standard protection ticket – what does this mean?

It means you’ll receive the ticket “as is'' from the seller. Although it’s not a SecureSwap ticket, your ticket is still safe because it’s gone through our standard safety measures.

Our systems will always check for fake and invalid tickets. We have thorough anti-fraud checks, and we also verify the identity of all sellers. Our Support team can also pick out and verify tickets manually if there’s anything that doesn’t look right.

Most tickets bought or sold on our platform work perfectly. If anything does go wrong, you can always contact our dedicated Support team, who’ll be happy to help you out.

What’s a SecureSwap ticket?

SecureSwap is a system we created that lets us invalidate an original ticket, and swap it with a brand-new one with a unique barcode. It’s an additional safety feature that is turned on when we have a partnership with an event organiser or ticket provider.

SecureSwap makes resold tickets 100% safe because there's no way the ticket can be used by someone else. For example, if someone has a screenshot or access to the ticket.

We can do this because we’ve partnered with more than 6,000 events, organisers and venues which trust us to resell their tickets fair, quick and safe. If we can’t turn on SecureSwap, it's mostly due to technical limitations.

Check out this article about SecureSwap if you'd like more info about this safety feature.

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