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What to do if your ticket doesn't work
What to do if your ticket doesn't work
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Arrived at your event but faced a hiccup with your ticket not working?

Don't worry, at TicketSwap, we're dedicated to sorting out such rare but stressful situations.

When your ticket doesn't grant access

It's uncommon, but sometimes a ticket bought from our platform might not work at the entrance.

First things first, don't panic.

We're here to help find a resolution.

Contacting the seller for a solution

Your first step should be to notify the seller of the issue.

After the event, we'll email you and ask if the ticket you bought worked.

If it was invalid, we'll arrange a moderated chat with the seller and one of our support agents to work out an amicable solution.

In case you bought multiple tickets, make sure to check the correct seller and barcode.

TicketSwap’s AfterSales support

In these situations, our After Sales team steps in.

They specialise in resolving post-event ticket issues.

Remember, to get their assistance, you'll need to request it in the conversation in your account.

Patience is key, and we assure you of our support in the conversation.

At TicketSwap, we take every ticket issue seriously and strive to resolve them effectively.

Trust us to have your back in such unfortunate situations.

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