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I received a ticket alert but someone else already got it – what can I do?
I received a ticket alert but someone else already got it – what can I do?

Find all you need to know about how ticket alerts work and increase your chance of getting a ticket.

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How ticket alerts work

Ticket alerts are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. When you turn on ticket alerts for an event, the first person to click on the notification when a ticket becomes available gets the ticket.

If it’s a really popular event, thousands of people might be racing for the same ticket. So it’s difficult to be the first one.

This means you’ll need some luck, but it’s possible! 🍀

Do I have notifications set up right?

Troubleshoot your notifications with this article and make sure your settings or network aren’t letting you down.

Tips to try and get a ticket!

  • Turn off the lock screen on your phone. You’ll get into the app faster and those milliseconds can make the difference.

  • The higher your battery is – the faster you’ll get the notification.

  • A good WiFi connection means you’ll receive it faster than people on their mobile network connection.

  • You can always try checking the day of the event! Most tickets are sold in the last days or moments right before the event starts, or even after the doors open.

  • If tickets are moving fast, you can try to refresh the page. Sometimes, tickets come back online because someone’s cart has expired, or because they no longer want the ticket.

Still looking? Keep in mind you can always keep trying closer to the event – especially when it comes to high-demand events!

Are people allowed to use bots to buy tickets?

No, it’s strictly against our T&Cs. We use smart prevention tools to keep our systems up to date. Users need to be verified, bots are flagged quickly, and people who try to use them are blocked. Learn more here about how we prevent bots.

We want to make sure that if you miss out on a ticket, it goes to another loyal fan like you!

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