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How do categorised tickets work?
How do categorised tickets work?

Find out how categorising tickets with all details makes them sellable, sharable or just super organised.

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Any tickets you import need to be categorised with all details so they’re ready to sell or share in your Tickets. We do this to ensure safe and accurate ticket resales for everyone. Plus, it keeps all your tickets nicely organised by date along with others you’ve bought in your Tickets.

To categorise a ticket, just follow the steps to add the event details that might be missing. This usually includes selecting an event name and ticket type – we’ll auto-fill the rest for you.

In the off chance the event isn’t there yet, you’ll just need to add:

  • Event name

  • Venue name

  • Date of the event

  • Ticket type (Weekend, Parking, Saturday, etc.)

Added all the event details so the ticket is categorised? Now you can sell, share or use yourself!

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