We’ve got a super handy feature that allows you to import tickets you’ve bought anywhere into the My tickets section of your account. No more digging at the event entrance! Now you can:

  • Import any tickets you’d like in your Tickets

  • Keep all your tickets organized in one place

  • Find tickets fast, even offline

  • Sell or share them on

Head to Tickets and select the files you’d like to upload. Once you’ve added them to your account, you can decide from there if you want to sell, share, or simply keep them for yourself for easy access at the door.

How do I add all details to sell or share the ticket?

If you want to sell or share a ticket, remember to add all event details so you can list it. Once all the event details are there and the ticket is categorized, then it’s ready to be sold. For more on categorizing tickets, check out How do categorized tickets work?

What if I don’t want to sell all tickets in a file?

Just upload the file as is and we’ll auto-split the tickets for you. No need to create other files or try to do it yourself – our system is set up to do it all for you! Find out more on how to upload files with multiple tickets.

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