I have multiple tickets in one file, can I sell all or some of them?

When selling a ticket that is bundled with multiple tickets, we ask that you upload the original file with all tickets. Our system will split the file automatically for every page in the file and ask you to indicate which tickets are for sale, and which you want to keep. Once the listing is completed, we will send the tickets that you want to keep back to you to avoid any confusion.

If you have differently priced tickets, for example kids tickets vs. adult tickets, or parking tickets, please make different ads. One for the kids ticket (10 euro, description: kids mentioned) and a different one for your adult ticket (15 euro, description 18+).

I have more than one ticket on a page, what now?

If you have more than one e-ticket on an individual page, the system should recognize this. In case you have an e-ticket that our system is not processing properly or if something else going wrong, please feel free to get in touch. Forward the tickets in question per email to us so that we can split them manually for you. 🙂

Can I sell my tickets in a bundle?

Unfortunately not in most cases. Everyone can choose to buy one ticket. If you want to sell all the tickets together, you can write that down in the description of the advertisement. It's not guaranteed, but at least you can try.

There are some specific events where selling in bundles is possible, but only because this is necessary for corona regulations. If an event only sells tables for 4 people, or “bundle tickets”, it is possible to sell your tickets in a set.

Can I use a ticket if it’s not sold?

Yes, but it is really important to delete your ticket first! Someone can easily buy your ticket last minute or when the event has already passed if it’s not properly removed. This way one of you can not enter the event.

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