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I want to sell a membership or other attachments
I want to sell a membership or other attachments

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Can I sell memberships or attachments on TicketSwap?

Adding a membership or any other kind of attachment is easy! Our system will automatically recognize the two different barcodes in your file, of which one is your membership/attachment. You can just upload your PDF files. After that, you will see two individual tickets appear at the step ‘Tickets to sell’. Now you can easily attach your membership to your ticket! Please keep in mind that memberships are always attached for free, meaning that you can’t sell those.

Identifying the tickets

At this ‘Tickets to sell’ step, you can select if your ticket is an attachment. Just select 'Yes, attach to another ticket' in case it is. Click on the eye icon to see what file is the entrance ticket and which one is the attachment. Please take care not to mix these up!

Setting the price

At the third step of the upload process you are asked to submit the ‘Price paid per ticket’ and ‘Service fee paid per ticket. The maximum selling price that you can then set is 20% above the face value of your entrance ticket only. Please note that any additional costs associated with your membership or other attachment can not be added to the ‘ticket sale price’.

Buyers directly receive the membership

When a buyer downloads a ticket with attachment, this attachment is included in the ticket file.

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