The ticket(s) I bought are not for my event
Something wrong with your ticket, such as the date or name of the event? Follow these steps for a quick and easy solution
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The ticket(s) I bought are not for my event, what now?

If this happens, we will make sure to address the issue as quickly as possible. You can now easily report this from your ticket overview. Here's how to do that:

Step 1: Go to TicketSwap

Step 2: Go to your bought tickets-overview and select the 'help'-button.

Step 3: Select the help button and press 'Ticket is for the wrong event'

Step 4: Select 'start conversation'

This will get you in touch with the seller. Most of the times, it concerns an honest mistake by them and you should be able to get the right ticket. If no replacement is possible, we can help with obtaining a refund through this conversation as well.

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