I want to know why this seller has sold so many tickets
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Why has this seller sold so many tickets?

TicketSwap is the safest way to buy and sell e-tickets. From the start, TicketSwap has always been against traders. For this reason, the maximum selling price is 20% above the original ticket price. Because of these measures, TicketSwap becomes unattractive for traders.

Unfortunately, sometimes TicketSwap is being used by traders. They can’t manage to get rid of all their tickets and decide to sell their tickets with a loss on TicketSwap. We allow this for different reasons:

  • If we block these users, they will sell their tickets via multiple fake-accounts. If this happens, we will lose insight about who they are.

  • Blocked traders will sell their tickets via other platforms, which is less safe.

  • A lot of people are still able to get their hands on a cheap ticket via TicketSwap.

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