I can't find my listing in the event

Put a ticket for sale, but it isn't visible? Check out what could be wrong here

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Did you just put up your tickets for sale, but are you unable to see them on the page of the event? Or did you think your tickets would get sold quickly, but you still haven’t gotten a notification hours after listing them? It could be we still require some additional verification from you.

At TicketSwap, we work with an American payment provider called Stripe. They need to adhere to international financial regulations. That’s why they might need some additional information before they are able to pay you out. This data is used solely for verification purposes and doesn’t get stored by TicketSwap. Our payment provider Stripe does securely store this information in accordance with Know Your Customer regulations.

You can check if this applies to you through the following link:

If you enter the required information through these links, you will be verified within a few hours at the most. Your ticket will then become available to buy again. Are you getting an error or do you encounter any other issues? Please contact our support team.

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