How can I change my email?

Make sure your email is confirmed

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To be able to fully make use of TicketSwap, you need a verified email address. If you need to verify, but are experiencing some issues, here are some ways to make sure this happens!

Option 1: Verify your email through your account

If you go to, and select the email portion of your settings, you will see a button that makes sure a verification email is sent to you. If you click the link in this email, you should automatically be verified!

Option 2: Verify your mail through the login method

You can easily verify your email by logging out of TicketSwap, and logging back in. For this to work, please select the option to log in through your email and enter the address you are using on our platform. We will then, automatically, send you an activation link that not only logs you back in, but also makes sure your email is verified!

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