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How can I make sure I’m getting notifications?
How can I make sure I’m getting notifications?

Read our guide to troubleshoot your notifications – so you don’t miss out on those sweet tickets!

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Sometimes there's annoying technical issues stopping you from getting notifications, we’ve been there! We’ve made a list of common problems and how to fix them.

What to do if you’re not getting notifications?

Check your internet connection

It might seem simple, but this can be the difference between getting your ticket and missing out. Remember that WiFi is faster than your mobile network most of the time.

Turn on TicketSwap notifications

Check that you’ve hit ‘Allow notifications’ for TicketSwap in your device settings.

Update your device & app

Make sure you have the newest version of your phone software and the app. You should be able to update it in your general settings and the app store.

Turn off ‘Do not disturb’

If your phone is on ‘Do not disturb’, Airplane or Sleep mode, your phone won’t send you notifications.

Turn off battery saving mode

If battery saving mode is on you can either charge your device or turn off battery saving mode. If it’s on, it can slow down your messages by up to 15 minutes!

Turn on background data

Your phone might not let apps run in the background. To receive notifications while you’re not on your phone, change this in your data settings.

Restart TicketSwap

If your phone was restarted, click on TicketSwap so your phone can allow notifications again.

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