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I want to sell a ticket I have not yet received
I want to sell a ticket I have not yet received

If your tickets are not yet available, read up here about what you can do

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At TicketSwap, only full and valid pdf or pkpass e-tickets can be sold. If you haven’t yet received those, you might need to perform some additional steps before you can list them on our platform.

My ticket only becomes available right before the event

If your ticket is not yet available because the organization has decided to send the tickets out right before the event, you will need to wait until you receive the full ticket. Unfortunately, things like an order confirmation or the email from the organization cannot be accepted on our platform as a ticket.

My ticket still needs to be personalized

If you still need to personalize your ticket, please do so! The organization will send out the full pdf version of your ticket after this process has been completed, meaning you can list them on TicketSwap!

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