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Why you can’t sell DICE tickets on TicketSwap: an explanation
Why you can’t sell DICE tickets on TicketSwap: an explanation
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Bought a thrilling event ticket through DICE but can't attend anymore?

Selling it on TicketSwap might seem like the perfect solution, but there's a twist.

Let’s dive into it.

Selling DICE tickets on TicketSwap: A reality check

Unfortunately, selling tickets you've purchased via DICE on TicketSwap isn’t feasible.

Why, you ask?

We operate by allowing the sale of full PDF or PKPass e-tickets as issued by the event organizer.

DICE tickets don’t fit this criterion.

Understanding the DICE ticket constraints

DICE's platform is unique.

Tickets bought there are designed to stay within their ecosystem and are not exportable.

This means these tickets can't be transferred over to TicketSwap for resale.

Though it may be disappointing, these limitations are part of how DICE's platform functions.

It's essential to remember that while DICE tickets can't be resold on TicketSwap, our platform remains dedicated to providing a secure and trustworthy marketplace.

If you have tickets from other sources, we’re here to help you with a smooth sale.

And remember, you can always reach out to DICE and ask them about allowing resale on our platform.

Together, we can make a difference in the world of event tickets.

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