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What payment methods can I use?
What payment methods can I use?

From iDEAL and Apple Pay to credit and debit cards, see how you can pay for tickets.

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We support several currencies for you to buy tickets in. The available currencies vary per country. Each currency has payment methods associated with it, which you’ll find in the list below.

Supported payment methods in general

  • Credit card (Visa & MasterCard) is supported almost everywhere

  • Debit card (international debit cards) can be used in some countries, depending on the local banking setup

  • Apple Pay is available everywhere, except in the Netherlands

Country-specific payment methods

Some countries have local, preferred payment methods. Here are the ones we support:

  • iDEAL is available in the Netherlands, Belgium and some other countries in Europe

  • Bancontact can be used in Belgium

  • EPS is available in Austria

  • Przelewy24 is supported in Poland

  • PayPal can be used in:

    • Germany

    • Switzerland

    • Austria

    • Ireland

    • Portugal

Supported currencies

Sellers can select their local currency, and buyers can also choose to view listings in their local currency. We'll just convert the amount for you so it's easy to understand how much something costs. You can always see the full price breakdown at checkout.

More info on supported currencies and getting paid

If you're wondering which countries we support payouts in, check this list of our supported payout countries.

To check the latest on setting up the bank account you'll get paid in, you can always update or manage your payout details.

Need more info on how Payouts work in general or how you can check when you'll get paid? Head here for the details on getting paid for sold tickets.

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