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I want to sell an Eventix ticket I haven't received yet
I want to sell an Eventix ticket I haven't received yet

Read up here about our sealed ticketing system

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We at TicketSwap are working hard to ensure the safety of our platform. A big part of this is partnering with organizations and ticket providers to ensure the safe swapping of your tickets through SecureSwap. For extra security, some tickets bought from our partner Eventix are currently sealed and will only become available right before the event.

To sell these tickets, please go to the confirmation email you received when buying the tickets from the organisation. From there, you can click on “Download tickets”. This will bring you to the download page, which includes a button to sell your ticket(s) on TicketSwap. You can always select which tickets you want to sell, and which ones you want to keep.

The Eventix-ticket I bought is not yet visible, is there a problem?

No, not at all! Your ticket will become available as an e-ticket shortly before the event. This system ensures a 100% safe transaction. You can still resell your tickets on this platform through your account.

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