How does Raffle work?

At TicketSwap we are Fan Fanatical. Our goal is always to make buying and selling fair and transparent for everybody.

Seeing ‘Someone else is currently paying’ can be very frustrating! So we’ve introduced a new way to buy tickets for high demand events.

We bring you Raffles!

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Why are we doing this?

Raffles give everyone a fair chance 🤝

It’s no longer about being the fastest! Instead you have 2 minutes to join a raffle for the ticket you want. This gives the chance to buy the ticket to more people than before.

Raffles reward effort 💪

Even if you don't win the chance to buy tickets, you still get rewarded with a lucky charm🍀. The more raffles you join for a specific event, the more lucky charms you gain. Lucky charms help to tilt the balance a bit more in your favor. It doesn’t mean that if you have the most lucky charms you will definitely be picked, but it will boost your chances! So if you really want to go to that event, your effort will be rewarded.

Raffles keep it safe 🤖

You know we always put everything in place to combat bots and to block people who try and use them. One benefit of this new feature is to put a stop to this practice with some smart precautions.

How it works

  1. When a ticket becomes available for a high demand event, you will receive a notification inviting you to join a new raffle.

  2. As soon as you click on the notification, you are automatically enrolled in the raffle: everybody has 2 minutes to join each raffle.

  3. After that time, someone gets randomly selected (🍀lucky charms boost your chances!).

  4. From there, you have 2 scenarios:

If you don’t get selected 🍀
You gain an additional lucky charm for the next raffle. This boosts your chances to get the next ticket.

If you get selected 🎉
Yes! This time you are the lucky one! The ticket will be added to your cart. You also get a notification to inform you that you won the raffle. Don’t forget to complete the payment 😉

Also good to know:

  1. To join a raffle you will need the TicketSwap app. This means tickets for these high demand events won’t be available on the desktop or mobile website.

  2. If you close a raffle after you joined, you can still access it from the homepage on the app.

You can leave a raffle in case you don’t want to buy the ticket anymore (for example the price is too high for you).

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