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Is the use of TicketSwap safe?
Is the use of TicketSwap safe?
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Is the use of TicketSwap safe?

Yes. We would like to tell you why:

We check every buyer and seller 🔍

TicketSwap aims to facilitate a safe swap. To make TicketSwap as safe as possible, sellers are required to enter personal details, like a valid phone number and a verified email address. In addition, all users have the option to connect their social media accounts, and we display the number of valid tickets a seller has previously sold. This way, you can see if the seller successfully used TicketSwap before.

We check every ticket 🕵️‍

We check uploaded e-tickets in multiple ways (location, price, correct date etc.). We aim to check this as soon as possible once an e-ticket is uploaded to our server. Also, uploading tickets with the same barcode is not possible. Our system will detect this and will block the ticket automatically. This prevents double tickets at TicketSwap.

Our support team is happy to help you 🤝

Buyers are able to evaluate sellers after the event. If the e-ticket does appear to be invalid, then TicketSwap will bring you and the seller in touch with each other in a moderated chat discussion in order to find an amicable solution. But don't worry, in 99.5% of all sold tickets, everything is perfectly fine. In case of fraud, a seller will be permanently banned from TicketSwap. The sellers information (name, bank account number, phone number, e-mail, etc.) are known to us so in cases of fraud we are able to provide this information to the authorities.

Secure Swap

Secure Swap means that a sold ticket is made invalid and the buyer receives a completely new and unique ticket.

This means a buyer is 100% sure that the ticket is valid and it has not been used before. We can arrange this through partnerships with event organizers and ticket companies. We are working hard to make this possible for all our events.

More info about Secure Swap here.

Can a ticket be double sold?

No, this is not possible. Every offered ticket is checked for its barcode, and if a barcode is offered again, the system will block this.

Can people use bots to buy tickets?

No. This is strictly against our terms and conditions, and goes against the ethos and spirit of TicketSwap. Luckily, we have put a stop to this practice with some smart preventions by continuously optimising our systems to prevent bots and to block people who try and use them.

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