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I want to sell a ticket that's not in a pdf file
I want to sell a ticket that's not in a pdf file
Look here if you have questions about paper tickets, screenshots and other non-pdf tickets
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My tickets are not in a pdf file, what now?

You can sell your ticket for all kinds of events, from festivals, clubs, concerts, theatre, sports, museums and theme parks. As long as it is an e-ticket in a PDF or .pkpass (mobile ticket) format it will be accepted on our platform.

Unfortunately, we do not accept tickets that are hard-copy (or physical) or a scan or photo of a ticket. Neither of these are processable as we need the original PDF or .pkpass in order to send the tickets directly to the buyer.

Please note: If you are trying to sell a hard-copy ticket, please contact the organisation to see if it is possible to get a PDF version of the ticket, if not, we would suggest to sell your ticket on a different platform such as Facebook or Ebay.

We also don’t allow the sale of the following types of tickets due to regulations: flight tickets, guest-list tickets or tickets that have been won. With these tickets being under a specific name, the risk of someone not being able to use the ticket is too big.

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