I want to buy or sell from a specific user
Someone specific you want to swap a ticket with? Read more here about private listings
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Can I sell a ticket to or buy a ticket from a specific user?

There might be some cases when you know who you want to sell your ticket to. If you have already found a buyer, all you need to do is start the selling process. When you get to the part “Visibility” you will be able to fill in the buyer’s email address, so that they will receive a private listing by email, which only they will have access to. Simple!


Please keep in mind that when you buy a ticket from a specific user, this sale will always take place within your TicketSwap account. The email you receive will let you log-in in to your TicketSwap account first in order to finish the payment through TicketSwap. If you’re not sure about the email you received, you can check out this article where we’ve listed some things you can look out for.

Please see below a print screen of that specific step within the sell flow:

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