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I want to buy or sell from a specific user
I want to buy or sell from a specific user

Someone specific you want to swap a ticket with? Read more here about private listings

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Ever needed to sell a ticket directly to someone you know?

At TicketSwap, we've made that possible.

Here's how you can create a private listing for a specific buyer. 🔒👥

How to sell a ticket to a specific buyer

When you're ready to sell:

  • Start the normal selling process on TicketSwap.

  • At the "Visibility" step, you'll have an option to enter the buyer's email address.

  • The buyer will receive a private listing via email, accessible only to them. It's that simple!

Safeguards in private ticket sales

Remember, even in private sales, security is key:

  • All transactions still happen within your TicketSwap account.

  • You'll be directed to log in to your account to complete the payment.

  • Unsure about an email? Check out our guide on spotting authentic TicketSwap sources. 📧🔍

Restrictions on private listings for Sealed tickets

  • Private listings are disabled for Sealed tickets, both on the web and mobile app.

  • This means you cannot sell these tickets privately through TicketSwap. Understanding these limitations is crucial for events with Sealed tickets.

Selling a ticket to someone specific on TicketSwap is easy and secure.

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