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TicketSwap safety check: spotting fake sites and emails
TicketSwap safety check: spotting fake sites and emails

Here's how to protect yourself from TicketSwap impostors

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Received an email that looks like it's from TicketSwap, but feeling unsure?

In an era where scammers are becoming more clever, it's crucial to know how to spot the fakes.

Recognizing scam emails posing as TicketSwap

Scammers are increasingly trying to use TicketSwap's name to dupe people into fake ticket purchases.

They often send emails with payment links or requests, leading to a payment page.

Beware: paying through these links means you might lose your money without ever receiving any tickets.

Verifying the authenticity of TicketSwap's website

Always start by checking the URL:

  • Look for the official domains like or its country-specific variants.

  • Ensure there's a secure connection symbolized by 'https' and a padlock icon in the browser's address bar. These indicators confirm you're on the real TicketSwap site.

Please see below an example of a fake TicketSwap website and please be mindful of the differences pointed out by the red circles.

Key indicators of genuine TicketSwap emails

Here’s how you can tell if an email is genuinely from us:

  1. Payment Process: We never ask you to pay for tickets via a direct email link.

    • On TicketSwap, you'll always be redirected to our website, where you can safely choose your payment method.

  2. Email Source: All our official emails are sent through 'Intercom'.

    • They have a distinct layout and branding.

    • A regular-looking email without these features is likely not from us.

Be cautious of emails from these fake addresses, which are commonly used by scammers:

When in doubt, always double-check and trust your instincts.

If you find a fake website or suspicious email pretending to be us, please contact us immediately.

Being aware and cautious is key in the online ticket marketplace.

Your safety is our top priority.

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