I can't log in – what can I do?

Trouble accessing your account? Take a look here what you can do

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If you can’t log in, please check out the following scenarios and solutions.

My TicketSwap-account is linked to my Gmail

If your TicketSwap-account is connected to a Gmail-address, the best way to log in is by using Google to authenticate your account. Through this login method, all you need to do is confirm your account and you should be able to access your TicketSwap-account without an issue!

I used my Facebook account to set up my TicketSwap account:

If you registered with your Facebook account, your password in TicketSwap will always be the same as the password from your Facebook account as we use your Facebook account as the login credentials.

If you don't remember your Facebook password, please be sure to reset your password on the Facebook website and after completing that process you can log in with your new password on TicketSwap as well. Please also make sure you have given TicketSwap permission to run on your Facebook!

I've set up my TicketSwap account with email login:

If you registered your TicketSwap account with email login you will never need a password. You can click on "log in" and enter the registered email address. After that, you will receive a "magic link" in your email. If you click on that link you will be logged in for the next 30 days without having to complete that process again.

If you don't receive an email from us within 3 minutes, please make sure to check the SPAM folder of your email.

I used my Apple ID to log in

If you registered your TicketSwap account with your Apple ID, your phone will ask you for your Face ID or Apple ID password to log in. Easy! This will require you to link your account to your Apple ID, but this is easy!

Sometimes, logging in through Apple ID could lead to some confusion, if you chose to hide your e-mail. It could be worth checking out the answers to this, unrelated, question.

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